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Florida Pest Control – Annoying Pests in the Sunshine State

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If you live in Florida, you’ve probably gotten used to two things: sweating year-round and an abundance of bugs. It’s no wonder we share this beautiful state with some of the most annoying pests around, as the hot, humid weather is a perfect tropical climate for these not-so-cute creatures. Here are some of the top pests you should be on the lookout for in your home:

Silverfish – These scaly bugs love moist air between 75% and 95% humidity, which makes Florida perfect for them. They feed on almost anything from clothing, books, and wallpaper to sugars and mold. You’ll typically find them in your bathrooms, sinks and garages near exposed plumbing, and they’re traditionally rather hard to get rid of.

Termites – There are two major species of termites living in Florida, dampwood and drywood. As their name suggests, they each prefer a certain amount of moisture in the wood they eat. Most often, you’ll find dampwood termites closer to the ground and drywood termites toward the attic, both silently leave a path of destruction in their trail.

Fire ants – These are actually an invasive species from South America. Their main diet consists of carbs, proteins and lipids (grease and oil) so they love all the crumbs and dirty plates you may leave out. Unfortunately, fire ants are notorious for being resilient to treatment, so professional help is advised.

Chinch bug – It’s no wonder these little guys are in Florida as they love to feed on St Augustine grass.  You’ll notice their presence when your lawn begins to get a patchy yellow look to it. As the chinch bugs suck sap out of the roots of the grass stems, it dehydrates them until those yellow patches finally turn brown and die off. Fortunately, this issue is common and fairly easy to control.

Ticks – Lyme’s disease, ehrlichiosis, anaplasmosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and other spotted fevers are transmitted by these clingy critters. They love wooded areas and tall grass. So, if you find them in your house, they were most likely brought in by your pets. If you do happen to have an infestation, the whole house will need to be treated for ticks.

Roaches – The Florida Woods Cockroach, or palmetto bug is a roach known to hang out around your house in the trash and around any dishes left in the sink. They spread disease-causing pathogens and release a chemical spray that contains pheromones to attract more roaches. Palmetto bugs love humid and warm conditions so it’s no wonder they are a Florida native.

Mosquitoes – Just about everyone is familiar with the annoying itch of a mosquito bite. But did you know there are more than 80 species of mosquitoes in Florida? Some carry serious illnesses so it’s important to protect yourself. A good rule of thumb for preventing a mosquito issue is to ‘drain and cover’:

  • Drain standing water to stop the multiplying
  • Cover your skin with clothing and insect repellent
  • Cover doors and windows to keep them out

Scorpions – Florida hosts three main species of scorpion: the Florida bark scorpion, Hentz striped scorpion, and the Guiana striped scorpion. They mostly eat other insects, but an infestation inside the home can be dangerous as the stings can cause pain, swelling and allergic reactions in humans and pets.

Sand Fleas – The beautiful landscapes in Florida range from wetlands and beaches to creek and lakebeds. Sand fleas, or Noseeums, lay eggs in standing water. Due to their small size, it’s hard to see them coming until you feel the sting of their bites. Like mosquitoes, they drink human blood and can transmit diseases so it’s important to wear bug repellant when around these areas.

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Florida Pest Control – Annoying Pests in the Sunshine State in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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