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Are Yellow Jackets More Dangerous in the Fall?

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Learn why yellow jackets become more aggressive in the fall in Orlando FL - Heron Home & OutdoorAlthough it may seem strange, yellow jackets are known to become more aggressive in the fall. Throughout the spring and summer, wasp populations continuously grow and they begin to outgrow their nests. Pair that with diminishing resources for food, and these stinging insects become a tad more aggressive than usual! Outdoor barbecues and picnics throughout Orlando become easy targets for yellow jackets, which can be dangerous for anyone allergic to their sting. To protect yourself and your family from these stinging insects, it’s important to know how to deter them!

What Attracts Wasps During the Fall?

In the spring and summertime, abundant flowers are available for bees and wasps. At the same time, their populations grow and members are forced out of their nests. Pair this with the fact that resources begin to dwindle with the weather changing, and the wasps become more aggressive. Some of the things yellow jackets will seek out outside include:

  • Food left uncovered or unsealed
  • Sources of standing water, including swimming pools
  • Hummingbird feeders
  • Lawn insects, such as grubs
  • Eaves and holes around your property in which to build a new nest

How to Prevent Yellow Jackets

As their resources dwindle, yellow jackets get notoriously finicky and aggressive, meaning they will sting without provocation. This can be especially dangerous for anyone allergic to their sting, which is why it’s so important to know how to prevent them:

  1. Avoid leaving food out in the open, and use tight-fitting lids on trash cans.
  2. Don’t wear bright or white colors, and don’t apply fragrances.
  3. Inspect your property and seal cracks or crevices.
  4. Get rid of standing water sources and place a cover over pools.

Environmentally-Responsible Yellow Jacket Control

When it comes to controlling yellow jackets, it’s important to use caution. They are especially aggressive this time of year, and will sting more than once. If you’ve done all you can to protect your property from these stinging insects and are still dealing with them invading your outdoor events, call the experts at Heron Home & Outdoor. We know how to keep you and your family safe from yellow jackets and wasps in central Florida with eco-friendly tactics and safe nest removal.

Are Yellow Jackets More Dangerous in the Fall? in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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