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5 Things to Try To Keep Pests Away with a Healthy Lawn

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Insect infestation can spell out disaster for your lawn. Feeding larvae destroy your grass at the crown, and certain pests, such as chinch bugs tunnel underground and sever roots. Pests bring significant damage to your grass, but it doesn’t mean that there is no way to prevent it. You don’t even need to resort to heavy chemicals or extreme measures. Here are 5 things you can try to keep your lawn naturally safe by keeping it healthy:

The Right Grass – By choosing the right grass for your lawn in accordance with the climate you live in, you decrease how much maintenance is needed because the grass is natural to the environment, thus requiring less special care.

Appropriate Mowing – Understanding the proper height for your specific grass is important to keeping it healthy. If the grass is too long, it will not be able to withstand being fed on by pests because the food required to replenish itself will not be enough for the length of the grass. Keeping your mower blades sharp is crucial in ensuring effective lawn maintenance.

Don’t Overwater – A lawn exposed to overwatering faces many problems such as hindered root growth and increased susceptibility to disease. Overwatering also increases stress on your turf. Check that all sprinklers are applying water evenly and have no damage to the heads to avoid watering issues.

Avoid Chemicals – Unless pests are present, pesticides are unnecessary. If your turf is already in a stressed state, adding pesticides will not help and even can damage your lawn further.

Increase Exposure – Grass, like any other plant requires sunlight to thrive. By pruning nearby trees when applicable, you can decrease obstructions and provide your lawn with more light to help it grow.

Beat the Pests with the Best

Your lawn is important and requires the utmost care. Pest infestation has the potential to do serious harm to your turf, but with the tips above and Heron Pest Control, you can keep them at bay easily and effectively. We offer lawn care services and $25 off pest control for new customers. Contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

5 Things to Try To Keep Pests Away with a Healthy Lawn in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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