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Sally Cieslak

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To Management at Heron Lawn & Pest Control:
My husband and I wanted to give a huge compliment to our Heron Technicians named Jimmy who does our lawn care and shrubs, and to Heron Technician named Louis who does our pest control. Based on our experience we want to let you know that we are very happy that both of these technicians are the ones providing service to our home. Jimmy and Louis always present themselves with a positive, professional and respectful attitude. Both of them are very knowledgeable in their expertise, very helpful when we have had any concerns, and they show pride in their job.

On Saturday May 19, 2012 Jimmy came out for the scheduled lawn & shrub care, and at that the we told him of serious issue that had developed with our Vibernum. Jimmy immediately went over to assess the problem- he took his time looking at the conditions about the Vibernum and then he let me know what the problem was and how it could be resolved. In this matter, it turns out that we (homeowners) and our landscaper are the ones that need to take several action steps so that the Vibernum receives the conditions it needs in order for it to be restored to good health (Heron is already doing its part). Jimmy pointed out to us that our sprinkler heads were not watering the Vibernum at all so these shrubs have been trying to survive this drought on their own. In addition, he also pointed out that there was so much natural debris (piled up leaves & vines) covering the root ball of these Vibernum that it was making the conditions even worse for these shrubs.

Jimmy is a very experienced technician when it comes to the lawn and shrubs and he has a wealth of information that he shares with us. He is very methodical when he explains things. But what I also really appreciated about Jimmy as it pertains to the Vibernum issue was that he wasn’t defensive or blaming others, but instead he helped me understand how the homeowner, the landscaper and the pest control company make up a team and that by each of us doing our part we contribute to the health & beauty of our landscape. To me, that made a lot of sense.

As far as my husband and I can see, Jimmy and Louis are assets to Heron Lawn & Pest Control. When looking for a contractor for any job, most people want knowledge & experience but they also want the contractor to be respectful, professional, and customer service oriented. Louis and Jimmy are both excellent examples of all these qualities.

There’s a lot of competition out there in the pest control industry but Heron Lawn & Pest Control outshines all of them because they provide all the qualities that I outlined above. That’s’ why we have been loyal customers of Heron since summer of 2003 and we have no intentions of ever switching to any other company. Thank you Jimmy and Louis for the service you provide to our home- God bless both of you. Thank you Heron Lawn & Pest Control!!!

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