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PCO Magazine features Heron Pest Control on the cover of this revealing edition

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PCO Magazine (August 2008) features Heron Pest Control on the cover of this revealing edition.

From page 18 of the article: “To say that Heron has made a lawn care and pest control impression on central Florida would be an understatement.”

“Dawn Rivera and Jerry Mix from PCO Magazine” says Tom Grzeszczak, Heron District Manager, “did a fantastic and flattering job capturing a snapshot of our success, but we’re keeping our eye on the ball here.”

Tom and Clay Pratt, Brach Manager of the Orlando office, were sitting at the table in the conference room in his branch, reading along together.

The article has brought into focus the unparalleled growth Heron Pest Control has enjoyed, even during these troubling economic times. Our ranking as one of the fastest growing pest control companies in the United States highlights for us a need in the market for something fundamental.

“We’re not talking about all 7,000 homes we’ll have under our care before this year is out,” Tom continues, “but rather performing one perfect service, 7,000 times. There’s a difference.”

A short interlude of enthusiastic “high-fives” takes place, and then these guys are back to work as the room fills with a call to arms from buzzing cell phones, leaving the publication proudly behind for the rest of the team to review. It serves as a sobering reminder that every level of success we achieve is earned, not prearranged. It’s the result of a commitment to providing substantive and consistent value to every customer. And it’s not easy. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Thank you for all your thoughtful calls and kind words of encouragement. Thank you to the reporting staff and creative team at PCO Magazine, as well.

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PCO Magazine features Heron Pest Control on the cover of this revealing edition in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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