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How to Care For Your Lawn in the Fall

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Learn how to keep your Orlando FL or Apopka FL lawn looking its best in the fall and winter months - Heron Home & OutdoorAlthough Florida doesn’t experience extreme cold temperatures in the fall and winter, it’s still important to care for your lawn throughout the different seasons. When you don’t properly prepare your lawn for the darker, shorter days this time of year, your lawn may well suffer. Thankfully, there are a few ways you can keep your lawn looking green and healthy through the holidays right up to springtime! Because timing can be tricky when it comes to winterizing your lawn, it’s always smart to work with lawn care experts such as those found at Heron Home & Outdoor. Keep reading to learn our expert tips for taking care of your lawn this fall.

Should You Fertilize Your Lawn in the Fall?

Everyone knows that you’re supposed to fertilize your lawn in the spring and sometimes even the summer, but what about in the fall? In Florida, it’s not recommended to fertilize your lawn after September. When fertilizing in the fall, it’s smart to use a fertilizer that is high in potassium. That said, if you fertilize your lawn too late in the year, your grass will grow throughout the winter and become more sensitive to the cold. As always, it’s important to fertilize your lawn as growth begins in the spring to keep your grass looking its best throughout the spring and summer!

Preparing Your Lawn for the Winter

There are three main things you should do in the fall to prepare your Florida grass for the colder winter months:

  1. Mow your lawn to a certain height. By leaving your grass a bit longer than you normally would throughout the rest of the year, you can protect the roots from the colder weather.
  2. Continue watering, but less frequently. Irrigate your lawn every one to two weeks. You may use a rain gauge to determine whether your lawn is getting enough water (about an inch a week).
  3. Consider over-seeding your lawn. Planting a temporary grass for your winter lawn is a popular choice for Florida residents, and these grasses will die off when spring rolls around.

Taking Care of Lawns in Florida

Central Florida is blessed with mild weather throughout the year, making lawn care in the fall and winter a bit easier to manage. That said, lawn care can be tricky and it’s often smart to consult or work with a professional with experience caring for lawns in this area. The experts at Heron Home & Outdoor know how to successfully maintain lawns through lawn treatment and pest control services, and can keep your lawn healthy throughout the fall and winter.

How to Care For Your Lawn in the Fall in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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