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Benefits of TAP Pest Control Insulation

 In Pest Control, Pest Prevention

TAP Insulation blown into your attic prevents ants and cockroaches in your Orlando FL or Apopka FL home - Heron Home & OutdoorTAP Insulation is an industry-changing product that not only outperforms traditional insulation but also controls pest infestations. While this may sound too good to be true, this insulation is a great option for new and old properties alike. In addition, TAP pest control insulation is eco-friendly, aids in sound reduction, and reduces the cost of your energy bill. Keep reading to learn why Heron Home & Outdoor is a proud installer of this exceptional insulation product!

Pests Controlled by TAP Insulation

Needless to say, the biggest benefit of TAP pest control insulation is its pest controlling abilities. This insulation is made of 80% recycled newspaper and contains a borate substance that kills off pests.

Although the insulation does not kill off rodents, it does kill insects. After crawling across the borate-filled insulation, the insect will eventually groom themselves. The borate will halt their metabolism, causing them to die. Some of the insects controlled by TAP Insulation include ants, booklice, centipedes, crickets, termites, cockroaches, earwigs, sowbugs, silverfish, and more.

Why Choose TAP Insulation?

In addition to its pest control features, TAP Insulation is favored for its many other benefits as well. Some of the many reasons TAP pest control insulation is such a good investment for property owners include:

  • Lowered energy bill costs
  • Reduction in outside noises
  • Made of recycled, eco-friendly materials
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Mold & mildew resistant
  • Not dangerous to humans or pets
  • Serves as a fire-retardant

How is TAP Pest Resistant Insulation Installed?

TAP Insulation can be installed over existing insulation or on its own. One of the trained specialists at Heron will blow the insulation into the walls without having to remove the walls. Installation typically takes about half a day, depending on the size of your property.

For more information on TAP Insulation or to ask our certified technicians about our professional installation services, give Heron Home & Outdoor a call today!

Benefits of TAP Pest Control Insulation in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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