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5 Tips For Setting Mousetraps Properly

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Mousetrap in Sanford FL home - Heron Home & Outdoor provides expert tips on setting mousetraps properlyIf you own a home or business, the last thing you want to discover is a mice infestation! Rodent problems can be dangerous and disgusting. Droppings, foul odors, chewed-through wires, and torn up insulation are just a few of the things found in the aftermath of an infestation. Needless to say, it’s important to act quickly when you notice mice inside. One of the most common mice extermination methods is, of course, mousetraps! There are several tips to keep in mind on how to set a mousetrap properly—read on to learn more.

Which Mousetrap Works Best?

There are a few different types of mousetraps, from electronic and glue traps to catch-and-release traps. No matter what type of mousetrap you choose, they all have advantages and disadvantages. The most common and arguable best trap is the classic spring-loaded trap.

Spring-loaded mousetraps are placed in areas of suspected rodent activity with bait. When the spring mechanism is triggered, the metal bar will quickly snap to catch the mouse in place.

Top Tips for Setting Mousetraps

There are a number of expert tips to follow for mousetraps: 

  1. Use the best mousetrap bait
    • Contrary to popular belief, not all mice like cheese!
    • You only need to use a small amount of bait that cannot be reached unless mice step on the trap. If they can swipe it without standing on the trap, they will!
  2. Start with unloaded traps
    • Try placing traps out with bait (without loading them) for a couple of nights. This will trick mice into a false sense of security with the mousetraps.
  3. Set more than one trap
    • Set more than one trap out—each two to three feet apart each—to have a better chance at catching as many mice as possible at once.
  4. Place traps strategically
    • Place mousetraps where mouse activity is common, including along walls and behind furniture, with the bait placed nearest to the wall.
  5. Check the mousetraps on a regular basis
    • Mice can, in some instances, grab bait without setting off the trap. They can also set the trap off without getting caught! Check that they are set properly.

Professional Help With Mousetraps

Mousetraps are certainly successful at times, but they may not always be a long-lasting solution to your mouse problem. If you’re dealing with many mice inside your home, it’s best to call the mice exterminators at Heron Home & Outdoor. We know how frustrating rodent problems are and have the experience needed to rid you of them! For more information on mousetraps or other mice extermination techniques, call us today!

5 Tips For Setting Mousetraps Properly in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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