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What is pest control?

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What is pest controlThe word “pest” has a wide range of meaning. Some may first think of insects like cockroaches and flies when they hear the word, but others will immediately jump to rodents like rats and mice. What pest control really boils down to is eliminating or removing any unwanted nuisance animals from your home. Companies offering pest control services, like Heron, can help prevent pests from invading your home and also help get rid of any who find their way in.

Why do pests invade homes?

Animals are primarily concerned with survival and reproduction, so they are in a constant search for safe places to live. Often, there is no place which offers more protection and benefits as a house. It can keep the animals safe from their natural predators, which are larger and unable to make it inside. Houses also provide a constant supply of food for critters bold enough to take it. And, pests are completely safe from storms and bad weather which would kill them outside.

How do pests get into homes?

Depending on the size and species of the pest, they get inside in many different ways. But, there are common things to look for no matter what pest you are dealing with. Larger pests like rats can squeeze through surprisingly small holes in the roof, soffits, air vents, or even plumbing. Smaller pests like spiders or roaches are able to crawl through any poorly sealed access points like doors and windows. Though you might think your home is secure, hiring a company like Heron to perform an inspection is always a good idea, and you could be surprised at what they find.

What Heron can do for you

If you are looking for the most complete, highest-quality pest control service, you can do no better than the Heron Pest Max program. Getting all pests out of your home and keeping them out for good is what our service guarantees. It is not a one-time fix where we simply come in and set up a few traps to catch a couple rats or bugs. We perform an intricate inspection of your property to determine how pests are getting in, remove any existing pests, and give you a detailed treatment and prevention plan. For more information about our all-inclusive pest control services, visit our pest control page or call us at 1.877.772.0826.

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