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How to Keep Mice From Multiplying

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Group of mice in Central Florida home - Heron Home & Outdoor We deal with many types of pests here in Florida. One of the most concerning is the rodent. Not only do mice and rats spread germs and disease, they can cause some real damage inside your property. Worst of all, rodents reproduce at a rapid pace. This is why seeing even a couple of rodents could indicate a bigger problem at play, as litters are born constantly. This is why it’s imperative that you learn how to keep mice from turning your property into their own personal breeding grounds in the first place. Read on to learn everything you need to know about keeping mice from multiplying in your Central Florida home with the experts at Heron Home & Outdoor!

How Rodents Reproduce Quickly

If you see just one or two mice, you may not be in a panic. However, it only takes one male and one female mouse to start an infestation. Here’s what to know about how quickly mice reproduce:

  • At just a month old, female mice are able to begin breeding.
  • One mouse can give birth to five or six babies after just a three-week gestation period. Even worse, they can produce up to 10 litters a year!
  • These female mice can mate immediately after giving birth, meaning mice can birth a second litter in as little as 25 days after the first. 

Rodent reproduction rate infographic - Heron Home & Outdoor in Central FL

How to Prevent Mice From Multiplying

To keep mice from turning your property into their own personal breeding grounds, you need to learn how to keep mice out altogether. This is best done by making your home or business impenetrable and less attractive to the pests altogether. The top three things you can do to repel mice are:

  1. Block off any easy access points—this could mean fixing screens on windows and vents, applying weather stripping on doors, and filling cracks in your plumbing fixtures and roofing.
  2. Clean dishes and spills right away and store your food properly, sealed in airtight containers.
  3. Keep your grass cut short, clear out your yard waste often, and refrain from using mulch near the foundation of your home.

Mice Populations in Central Florida

No home or business owner wants to deal with a mice infestation. Unfortunately, they are common—and they are quick! This makes it imperative to know how to recognize the early signs of rodents in your property, like droppings or gnaw marks, so you can stop an infestation before it begins. At Heron Home & Outdoor, we know how difficult this can be, which is why our rodent exterminators are always happy to help. Contact us today!

How to Keep Mice From Multiplying in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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