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6 Tips to Keep Lawn Pests Away

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Servicing a lawn in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorAs the weather continues to warm up heading into summer here in Central FL, we all get excited about spending more and more time outside in the sun. However, the favorable weather conditions prove desirable to all kinds of common lawn pests, and the sun ends up shining light on patchy, withering grass that falls far short of its potential. Keeping common lawn pests out of your grass is only possible by staying on top of several different maintenance factors in your yard. If you want to learn more about conducting your own lawn pest control, read on for advice from the lawn care technicians at Heron Home & Outdoor!

6 Tips to Prevent Lawn Pests

You have to assess your yard from all possible angles to create the best lawn pest control system for your property. While every lawn is different, we recommend that you focus on these six steps when preparing your lawn for a pest-free summer:

  1. Mow your lawn properly: Once the cold fades into spring, the best way to keep your lawn pest-free is to take a little bit off the top about once a week or so. This will keep it at a healthy height for sustained growth but prevent bugs like ticks, fleas, and chinch bugs from nesting on your lawn.
  2. Clean up: Keep track of debris buildup in your yard and consistently clear it out. Branches, leaves, dead plants, and more can all create opportunities for pests to feed, hide, and nest with more shelter than they would have otherwise.
  3. Prevent overgrowth: Bushes, trees, and brushes that become unwieldy can attract pests by offering them a hiding place or nesting ground. Keeping all of the vegetation in your yard well maintained will decrease your chances of a lawn pest problem.
  4. Keep your lawn hydrated: The struggle with watering your lawn is that both underwatering and overwatering can cause decay and pest problems. Using a sprinkler system or irrigation system can help to distribute the right amount of water evenly across your lawn.
  5. Dethatch your lawn: Thatch is the layer of natural matter that forms between the soil and the grass blade tops in your lawn. A thin layer of thatch is helpful to have for protection and temperature regulation, but too much buildup can lead to easy pest nesting. Aeration and nitrogen fertilization can both help with thatch buildup.
  6. Hire a professional: A lawn pest expert can determine the reason for your pest infestation or identify vulnerabilities that could lead to future ones. With every yard being a situation of its own, an expert eye is a huge help when it comes to lawn maintenance and pest control.

Lawn Pest Control Services in Central FL

If you’re looking to get expert assistance keeping pests off of your lawn, look no further than our lawn care team at Heron Home & Outdoor. We can send out a technician to perform an inspection to find all active pests, nesting sites, and infestation sources. Our team will then use industry-leading and environmentally-sensitive pest control products to control insects and prevent them from coming back. Contact us today for a free quote!

6 Tips to Keep Lawn Pests Away in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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