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Problems Armadillos Can Cause


Health Hazard

Armadillo Trapping & Removal

Heron Home & Outdoor provides armadillo trapping & removal services in central Florida.Armadillos’ leathery shells can help protect them from predators, but unfortunately the same can’t be said for your property. Your land can be a prime target for armadillos, and while these nocturnal diggers can seem harmless, they actually can be quite dangerous to your health and home.

Armadillos can burrow in your yard for insects, grubs, earthworms, or plants—or more dangerously, even dig under your house, your pool or any other solid structure. Unfortunately, foundation cracks might be the least of your worries, as they can carry diseases like leprosy, putting both your property and your family at risk. And even if they leave on their own, other animals can move in and inhabit their dens.

How You Know if You Have an Armadillo Problem

  • You notice damage to your foundation, ducts or insulation.
  • There are large holes or tunnels in your lawn.
  • Flowers or other shrubbery are uprooted.
  • You notice drag marks from their tail or shell.

How We Trap / Capture Armadillos

Our expert technicians can tell the difference between an active or inactive den, or one inhabited by other animals. We can cap those tunnels with concrete to keep the armadillos—or anyone else—from moving back in. And our commercial grade, top-of-the-line traps let us humanely capture the armadillos and relocate them safely to a wildlife habitat.

Armadillo Prevention

We’ll also advise you on ways you can prevent future infestations, such as installing fences at least 2 feet high and 18” deep into the ground.

Leave Trapping and Removal to Professionals

The experienced and qualified pest control specialists at Heron Home & Outdoor will utilize humane and effective armadillo traps in order to safely remove the animals from your residential or commercial property. Do not attempt to trap the armadillos yourself.

At Heron Home & Outdoor, we do much more than just trap and remove armadillos from your home or commercial property. We will also complete a thorough assessment of the area, identifying and implementing strategies to prevent opossums from returning. These services include finding and blocking any areas within your property that might serve as attractive homes for the armadillos. We will also determine methods of blocking opossums from food sources on your property.

If you’re experiencing unwanted wildlife in your backyard, give us a call today for a free quote!

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