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Snake Control – Trapping – Removal

If you have a snake problem on your property, do not assume that you know how to appropriately handle and remove these pests. There is a chance that the snake could be venomous, and the smallest mistake could put you in serious danger. For snake control services in Florida, call Heron Home & Outdoor.

Problems Snakes Can Cause

Health hazards caused by snakes in Orlando, Apopka, Kissimmee, Leesburg, Sanford, and Central FL areas - Heron Home & Outdoor

Health Hazard

Why Snakes are a Problem

Snakes are a common phobia. We get it—it’s hard to see these slithery, slimy creatures in your backyard and not get a little unnerved. To a certain extent, the phobia is undeserved. Most of the snakes you’ll encounter are nonvenomous and nonaggressive, and actually help you by eating harmful pests like insects and rodents.

Unfortunately, some varieties are venomous. In Florida alone, you might encounter the Diamondback Rattlesnake, Cottonmouth, Southern Copper Head, Pygmy Rattlesnake, Coral Snake, and Timber Rattlesnake. The bites of any of these snakes can put you and your family in serious danger. Even the nonvenomous ones can still find your way into your home, especially if you have an abundant food source (like rodents or insects), or if you have any damp, dark, covered areas that are ideal for hiding and digesting after a meal.

How You Know if You Have an Snake Problem

  • You notice an abundance of live snakes on your property or in your house.
  • You suffer from a rodent or insect infestation problem, which is a food source that attracts snakes.
  • You find the discarded skins from molting snakes.

How We Trap or Capture Snakes

While snakes generally don’t strike first, they will attack if threatened, so you still shouldn’t try to capture them. Leave any troublesome snakes to our wildlife experts, who can catch and remove all live nonvenomous snakes, and catch and euthanize any venomous ones. (We are not legally allowed to transport a live venomous snake.)


Protect Your Family from Snakes

pestfree365 is the most comprehensive, all-inclusive pest control ever. Our service consultants will conduct an in-depth inspection of your home. We’ll find out where pests get in, where they’re hiding, and what damage they could be causing. You’ll receive detailed inspection notes plus a treatment and prevention plan. And if you ever see a snake again, call us and we’ll re-treat your home for free.

Keep pests out of your home. Guaranteed.

Professional Snake Removal

The marshes, ponds, and swamps in Florida make for the perfect habitats for many different types of snakes. Unfortunately, sometimes these reptiles leave these natural habitats, slithering into our homes and businesses. Heron Home & Outdoor provides snake removal services throughout Florida to safely and effectively remove wildlife that has become a nuisance.

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