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Why Rats are a Problem

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Heron Home & Outdoor provides exceptional rat trapping & removal services in central Florida.Rats are more than just troublesome rodents that steal your food. When they enter your home, they can cause structural damage by chewing through ductwork, wood, or insulation. They can even gnaw through electrical wires and plumbing— possibly causing flooding or house fires.

Even worse, they carry a variety of serious diseases, including bacterial infections that can harm your brain, lungs, and respiratory system. Some of these are even fatal, putting your family at risk.

How You Know if You Have an Rat Problem

  • You’ve heard unusual noises in your attic, in your cabinets, or behind your drywall.
  • Food items in your pantry have been chewed open, and the food itself is contaminated.
  • You’ve seen rat droppings in or near the pantry
  • Wood, drywall, plumbing pipes, and electrical wires in your home have been chewed or clawed.

How We Trap / Capture Rats

The consumer-grade traps you see in your local hardware store might work fine for minor rat problems. But if you have more than one rat, or rats that keep coming back, our experts will gladly step in with our humane commercial traps. We’ll quickly control and exterminate these troublesome rodents.

Rat Prevention

Once the rats are gone, our technicians will do a thorough inspection of your home to help keep them gone for good. We’ll advise you on how to seal up potential points of entry, and how to keep food sources out of reach.

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