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Did you know that, even now, you’re no more than eight feet away from the nearest spider? We’re not trying to scare you! The truth is that spiders are very common pests both inside and outside, and most are completely harmless. In fact, many spiders play an important role in controlling other insect and pest populations. Nonetheless, no one wants their property overrun by these eight-legged arachnids, especially ones that are more dangerous. Thankfully, there are a number of things you can do to prevent spiders year-round.

What Are Spiders Attracted to in My Property?

Spiders typically enter homes for survival-based reasons. Some of the things inside spiders may be attracted to in your home include:

  • Food: Spiders are drawn indoors to prey on the other insects that may be inside your home. When you leave out food, insects arrive to feed on that food, and spiders eventually make their way indoors to feed on those insects!
  • Debris: If you have piles of clothes, garbage, or debris scattered around, you may unknowingly be making an indoor paradise for spiders.
  • Warmth: During the colder months, spiders will make their way inside to seek out warm, dark areas to build webs.

Preventing and Eliminating House Spiders

The same general rules for pest control apply to spider control. First, you’ll want to identify the type of spider you’re dealing with. As we said earlier, most indoor spiders are house spiders, and therefore not dangerous. In fact, they’re one of the most “eco-friendly” methods of pest control you can find. But that doesn’t mean you should be forced to live with them. To prevent house spiders from infesting within your home or business:

  • Make sure to inspect any boxes or pieces of furniture for egg sacs or live spiders before bringing them inside.
  • You should also take the time to locate and seal any potential entry points around your foundation, walls, or windows. While this won’t do much to curb spiders already indoors, it will cut off their food supply, forcing them to either move somewhere else or die out.
  • You can also set sticky traps in specific rooms to determine which areas have the most house spider activity. Spiders that walk over these traps will stick to them and die of starvation; however, this is not the best way to control a large infestation.

Professional Spider Prevention Services

Your best bet is to contact a pest management specialist, like Heron Home & Outdoor, that specializes in spider control. If you feel that you have potentially dangerous spiders infesting your home or business, or just simply don’t like having them around, give Heron Home & Outdoor a call. We’ll inspect your home, working with you to make sure your needs are taken care of and any problems are addressed. Call Heron today for a free estimate!

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