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Healthcare Facilities Pest ControlHealthcare facilities pest control services by Heron Home & Outdoor in Orlando Apopka Kissimmee Sanford Leesburg Florida and surrounding areas

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Hospitals are susceptible to pests commonly found in houses and businesses. Ants, fire ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, ticks, fleas, mice, mosquitoes, rats and spiders, among others, can all slip into buildings as people and deliveries come in and out. Pests can gain access in backpacks, boxes, delivery vehicles, and on people and their belongings. Pests can transmit a host of diseases to humans and animals, with effects ranging from minor discomfort to death. The conditions created by pests can lead to serious consequences for your patients and your facility. Whether you run a dental practice, physician’s office, or any other health care facility, you simply cannot afford to have a pest problem. Heron Home & Outdoor understands the serious implications of a pest infestation within a healthcare facility or clinic.

Healthcare Facility Pest Prevention Program

When you work with Heron to implement pest control in your healthcare facility, you can rest assured we will provide the following:

  • Thorough inspection and treatment by specially trained Heron professionals who understand the needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Scheduling service, including after hours and weekends, for maximum discretion and convenience.
  • Products and methods proven to be effective in the control of pests.
  • Documentation and support for health inspectors and other government officials.
  • A complete satisfaction guarantee.

Choosing the Right Healthcare Pest Management Company

Pest management plays a major role in allowing us to live healthier, more prosperous and comfortable lives. To ensure proper pest management always deal with a qualified and licensed pest management company.

Before we even begin to treat your facility, you’ll know what the pest is, how the problem will be treated, how long the period of treatment will be, and what results can be expected. Effective treatment depends on correctly identifying the pest species and developing a treatment that takes the pest’s biology and habits into account.

Pest Prevention in Healthcare Facilities

After we treat your clinic or medical office, we’ll take steps to tell you exactly what to do to prevent further issues. In between professional pest control visits, employees can take a variety of steps to reduce the likelihood of infestation and ensure proper pest management. They should remain vigilant in assessing their environment. Encouraging employees to wipe down exposed areas, secure trash lids, maintain a clean floor space, and keep windows and doors fastened. Employees can also track pest sightings in a pest sighting log – recording the type of pest, location, and behavior. This will help your Heron technician when they come in to reevaluate the facility periodically.

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