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Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion

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Pest control in Central Florida isn’t just about bugs and rodents. If your property looks appealing to a roach or a mouse, it might also have the makings of an appealing home for a larger form of wildlife. Thiscloseup of an opossum in a tropical setting could be raccoons, squirrels, birds, or opossums. Even reptiles like iguanas may take advantage of a structural vulnerability to get inside your space! And just like any other pests, these wild animals are looking for a steady source of shelter, food, and moisture, and once they find that in your property they won’t want to leave. Heron Home and Outdoor specializes in wildlife removal for homes and properties in the area, but removing the animal won’t keep another one from taking its place. That’s why we offer wildlife exclusion, the best way to stay free from larger pests for longer.

What is Wildlife Exclusion?

Wildlife exclusion describes the long-term tactics taken by pest control providers to keep out pest animals without the use of pesticides or baits. It’s considered a more humane strategy since, instead of relying on poison, we instead address the vulnerabilities and attractants that drew them to your property in the first place. We might focus on points such as:

  • Rooflines
  • Soffits
  • Roof returns
  • Vent openings
  • Pipe and utility openings
  • Cracks and holes in the foundation

These are the most common points of entry for pest animals, and with Heron Home and Outdoor we can make sure your home or business is properly secured. That way the Great Outdoors can stay that way – still thriving, just not under your roof.

How Does Wildlife Exclusion Work?

Wildlife exclusion for your property will differ depending on the source and species of your infestation. However, the basic outline will be the same. First, there will be an inspection to assess the exact circumstances of the infestation. Then we will clear out any rodents or wildlife and clean up any nests or droppings. With your property now fully pest-free, we will identify and secure potential entry points so it stays that way.

Exclusion techniques for animals are an evolving process, and it helps to be on the cutting edge of the latest strategies. With the right training and experience, however, a technician should be able to remove any animal safely and humanely.

Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion

We’ve said already that wildlife exclusion can keep away pests without hurting them. This applies even more so to any animal families that may be nesting on your property to wait out the winter. While other technicians may act aggressively, killing mothers or children or carelessly separating them, an exterminating company specialized in wildlife exclusion will remove the whole group and release them as one. In many cases, we understand that poison just isn’t necessary to get rid of wildlife. If you safely relocate them and cover the areas in which they can get in, other pests will quickly establish that your property isn’t a viable shelter and move on. Wildlife exclusion is the best way to make sure aspects of our local wildlife can stay in nature and play their intended role in the ecosystem.

This may be hard to believe, but even the most annoying nuisance wildlife plays a role in Florida’s natural system. Raccoons control fish populations and provide a food source for coyotes and hawks. Squirrels, birds and iguanas bury seeds and nuts, and opossums eat 95% of the ticks they come across. Every animal in Florida serves a purpose, and when you come to an exterminator like Heron Home and Outdoor for wildlife exclusion you are respecting them and the environment we all live in. Contact us today to learn more!

Benefits of Wildlife Exclusion in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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