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What Pests Can “Pest Control” Manage

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pest controlThe word “pest” is a little vague. It refers to many different types of critters, so it is completely understandable why you might be confused about what pest control actually entails. Some pest control companies specifically focus on insects and bugs that might invade your home, while others tend to only cover rodents like mice and rats.

At Heron Pest, you get the best of both worlds. Our Heron Pest Max service is the only pest control service you will need, as we provide options to cover all your nuisance bug and animal issues.

What Pests We Can Handle

Essentially, we will take care of all arthropods and rodents. The categorization of arthropod covers a wide range of invertebrates including insects and arachnids. What does this mean for you? The pests we most often find in houses are things like ants, roaches, flies, fleas, spiders, and silverfish. All of these arthropods thrive in the Florida climate, but when it rains frequently in the summertime, these insects and spiders will seek shelter under the roof of your home. Covered by the Pest Max program, you won’t have to worry about seeing these pests in your home ever again.

The Most Comprehensive Care in the Industry

How does our program yield such great results? It really comes down to our tireless, detailed approach to pest control. When you sign up for our Pest Max services, our initial inspection and treatment is merely the start, not the end of our job. Every year, you will receive 6 comprehensive treatments to ensure that your home is always defended against the intrusion of pests. But, sometimes that isn’t enough, so we will come out for free follow-up visits if you continue to see bugs or rodents.

Prevention is a key part of our Pest Max treatment plan. We will apply our products in every nook and crack in your house, where pests love to hide the most. The outside of your home is also important as a first line of defense, and we will treat around the perimeter to form a protective barrier. Combined with the use of bait stations to draw out insects, our treatment plan is the best way to keep your house pest-free. And you don’t worry about a pet or one of your children accidentally getting poisoned by our products – we take pains to make sure all our products are inaccessible to them.

The difference between the Heron Pest Max program and other pest control services is great. You will find no other company who plans as thoroughly or offers the degree of service that each and every Heron customer gets. If you are interested in keeping your home a pest-free space, give us a call at 1.877.772.0826.

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