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What is the Keystone Virus?

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What are the symptoms of the Keystone virus?

Like many other viral infections, Keystone can cause rashes and fevers. But even more scary is the possibility of encephalitis, or brain inflammation. Though the boy in the 2016 case didn’t exhibit this symptom, encephalitis has been observed in other instances of animal infection.the keystone virus

Can the Keystone virus be treated?

Since this disease has not been known to infect humans, right now it is not known how to treat it. More research needs to be done on several mosquito-borne illnesses, as it seems like more and more are beginning to affect humans.

Can the Keystone virus be prevented?

Avoiding the Keystone virus means avoiding being bitten by mosquitoes. Bug spray, protective clothing, and staying indoors during peak mosquito times can help keep you bite-free. You could also call Heron Pest to come out to treat your property for mosquitoes. This would help you keep their populations in check so that you don’t have to worry about being bitten while you enjoy the outdoors.

Professional Mosquito Control

Living in Florida where water is abundant, mosquitoes are a reality of everyday life for all of us wo love being outside. But, that doesn’t mean you have to stay shut up indoors during beautiful sunrises and sunsets when mosquitoes are most active. Contact Heron for our premier mosquito control program. We will come out to your home and inspect any areas which could be mosquito breeding sites, most commonly spots with standing water. Then, we will treat your property to control the existing adult mosquito population. Call us today and ask for a free same day inspection at 1.877.772.0826.

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