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Tiny Brown Ants!

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Question: I have tiny brown ants crawling all over my kitchen counter! I found a small hole where they may have gotten in, but covering it did nothing. How do I get rid of them?

Steve Says:

These small ants are most likely Pharaoh ants and can be a big nuisance. It will be very important that you do not spray any insecticides or use any harsh cleaning agents on or around the areas they are infesting. Pharoah ants follow each other by pheromones. If these trails are blocked by anything it will make the ants that cannot get back to the main colony start another colony of their own. The problem will get worse.

The answer for ridding of these pests is to either find the nest(s) and kill them with an insecticide, or use a planned baiting procedure to rid of them over time. These bugs are best battled by a professional.

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