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Signs of Termites in Your Walls

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Termites are like cancer for homes – you just never know when they will come, or how long they’ve been there once you do discover them, all the while doing significant damage to the structure of the house. What makes them so dangerous is that they are so hard to detect until it is too late. Even worse, termite damage is not covered by normal homeowner’s insurance policies, so if you don’t get a special termite bond from a pest control company, you could be stuck paying for thousands of dollars of damage yourself.
Here are some signs that you can monitor to identify the presence of termites in walls before they wreak too much havoc.

Small holes – these will be tiny, pin-sized holes where the termites have eaten through the drywall to the surface. If there appears to be some dirt in the hole, then it is most likely a subterranean termite colony
Discoloration in walls – the surface will appear like it has been damaged by water, looking yellowy or stained
Hollow sound – if you tap the walls with a screwdriver, they will feel and sound hollowed out
Soft wood – wooden structures should be firm and hard, so if they seem to smush or crumble when touched, it is likely termites have been there already
Spoiled Paint/Wallpaper – again, the walls could look like they have been exposed to water and show signs of peeling wallpaper or bubbling paint
Musty smell – termite colonies give off an odor similar to wet, musty, and moldy surfaces. So, if you are sure mold is not responsible for the smell, it could be termites
Strange markings – termites will leave zig-zag trail markings which appear slightly raised on the surface walls, which could be obvious or hard to notice

Recognizing these signs early on can be the difference between a couple thousand dollars or tens of thousands in damages. A vigilant homeowner stands a much better chance of protecting their house from termites.

Termite Protection

Though termites are a homeowner’s worst enemy, there is good news: there are ways to prevent and kill them to protect yourself completely from their destruction. Heron Pest offers the best termite protection and treatment services in Orlando. If you’ve detected any of the signs above, it’s best to call us immediately so we can get working on ridding your home of termites as fast as possible. Even if you don’t see these signs, that’s an even better reason to call, since you can prevent termites from ever getting into your house.

Give us a call today to protect your home from termites at 1.877.772.0826.

Signs of Termites in Your Walls in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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