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Palm Tree Care

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One of the best parts about living in Florida is being surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tropical palm trees. These beauties have a way of reminding us we all live in paradise! Unfortunately, bugs like weevils and diseases like Chlorosis can attack our paradise and make it ugly or even kill it. For a homeowner, this is a nightmare, as their large, mature palms can be incredibly expensive. In order to keep your palms healthy, here are some tips for taking care of them:

  • Help your palm develop great roots! Using products full of the nutrients they need will help your palm be more secure in the ground. You’ll be happy you did come hurricane season.
  • Water your palm a lot. This varies from tree to tree but most like a ton of water. Irrigation systems are great for making sure your palm has enough water without over watering everything else.
  • Protect your palm in cold weather. Keep your palms wrapped up nicely during cold and windy snaps. However, be sure to promptly unwrap them as they are easily smothered!
  • Prune your palm. When the fronds at the bottom turn completely brown or grey, you can remove them from the tree to allow new ones to grow. Take care not to remove them too early or you risk scarring your tree.

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If you run into a problem and can’t figure out how to care for your palm trees, Heron Home & Outdoor is here to help. We know your palms are constantly under attack and our technicians are prepped with knowledge and skills to breathe life back into your yard. Contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

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