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Fresh Healthy Sod cut daily! Delivered to your home & installed by a professional sod installer.

Why is Heron’s Sod the best? It’s all in the healSod Installation Orlandoth of the soil & growing conditions of the sod before it ever reaches your lawn. Heron sod is grown in healthy soil that is high in nutrient concentration. The soil has been pretreated for fungus, insects, mold, has the proper PH & nutrient concentration. Quality growing conditions produce top quality sod right off the sod farm using muck a based process.

Heron’s sod is superior quality!

All Sod is NOT Created Equal! We see it time & time again where homeowner’s have bought sod only to see it die within weeks. Often times in these cases, the sod hasn’t had proper pretreatment or healthy growing conditions. We’ve seen numerous cases where the new sod is untreated and arrives to your home with brown patch fungus, pythium root rot & sod web worms. After the sod is laid, these damaging insects, fungus & diseases spread infecting the rest of your lawn. You may save some money on the front end by purchasing cheaper sod but lose thousands by having to replace your entire lawn. Be sure to ask how your sod has been treated prior to it arriving at your home.

What type of sod does Heron offer? The most common sod is St. Augustine including shade varieties & Floratam. We also have Zoysia and Bermuda. If you have a special request, we can typically meet your needs.

How does Heron’s sod cutting & delivery process yield thriving sod with best results? Heron is one of few companies that cut the sod at night, completely cover it & deliver the next morning. This ensures the least amount of time from when the sod is cut until being installed. This is key to keeping the sod fresh & moist so it’s in the healthiest condition upon arrival. After the sod is cut, it never sees sunlight before it’s laid in your lawn. This gives your sod the healthiest start & best opportunity to thrive.

It is common practice in the sod industry to cut sod in the mornings, load it on a truck & deliver the next day. This is not ideal because the sod has set in the sun often times for 24 hours or more to wilt, dehydrate all day long & endure immense stress. It’s difficult for distressed sod to take root & thrive.

Why is muck based sod more resilient than sand or loam based sod? Heron uses muck grown sod as opposed to sand or loam grown sod which is an unparallel difference in quality. Muck based sod refers to the type of soil the sod is grown in. Muck based soil holds water & nutrients better yielding the healthiest sod as opposed to sand or loam grown sod. Because sand is so porous, it lets both water & nutrients flow out. Sod grown in sand doesn’t maintain the proper hydration or nutrients. Muck based sod is grown in nutrient rich soil with a healthy organic makeup and tends to take root better when laid giving your sod the healthiest start & best results.

How is muck based sod more economical? Because muck based sod holds in water better than sand or loam based sod, it requires less watering costing you less to irrigate.

When do I water my sod? Before sod is even laid, soil should be moist. It is crucial that your new sod gets watered immediately after installation. Note there are no watering restrictions on newly laid sod. New sod should be watered at least twice a day receiving ¼ to ½” of water each time. For the best accuracy, set out cups & measure the amount of water hitting the sod to ensure your sod is receiving proper amount of water. This is critical and often overlooked. Improper watering can result in your sod deteriorating.

Why is a locate service prior to sod installation important? Heron arranges a locate service before installation. This ensures that we are aware of cable & internet lines running underground in your lawn. If you are using another sod company, request that they use a locate service because if they cut a line, the cost incurred for repairs typically falls on the homeowner.

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