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Lawn Eating Insects

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Cultivating and maintaining a lawn is hard work. There are many things which can affect the health of your yard including invasive weeds, fungi, pests like ants and fleas, proper nutrition and water, and finally, lawn eating insects. These bugs can do some serious damage while remaining hidden, so they pose a direct threat to any lawn. Here are some which deserve special attention.

Chinch Bugs

Most lawns in Florida have St. Augustine grass, which makes the most dangerous threat to lawns the chinch bugs. These beetle-looking bugs with black bodies and white wings will suck the moisture out of grass blades and replace it with their poisonous saliva that kills the grass. Your lawn will look like it has endured a drought in places where the chinch bugs have done their work.

Mole Crickets

Strange looking insects with prominently developed front legs for digging, mole crickets will burrow under the grass and feed on the base of the blades. These insects will do their damage when the temperature warms up in the spring and summertime. Your lawn will be loose and spongy if their tunnels are extensive, and the grass will likely turn yellow and die.

Sod Webworms

These will also begin to chew up your lawn beginning in the spring, but instead of working at the base of the grass, sod webworms will eat the top layer. Damage is most prominent near sidewalks and driveways where the grass is drier, and these insects can also make your lawn look like it hasn’t gotten enough water.

The Heron Difference

Whether the blight on your lawn turns out to be caused by chinch bugs, mole crickets, or sod webworms, Heron Pest has you covered. Our Platinum Lawn Care Service will replace your grass if it is eaten up by insects. Your goal is a healthy, green lawn, so we believe that the best lawn service will treat anything that could jeopardize the quality of your yard, including lawn eating insects.

Because our service is so comprehensive that all the benefits cannot be listed here, visit our website for further details! There is no better total lawn care solution than Heron’s Platinum service, so call us today to schedule your free same day inspection at 1.877.772.0826.

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