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It’s Termite Awareness Week!

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It’s Termite Awareness Week here in central Florida and all across the nation! This week and all year long, the team at Heron Home & Outdoor wants to make sure our customers are informed about the dangers of termites. We also want to equip you with the knowledge you need to protect yourself from termites. In this blog post, we’re sharing a series of informational videos that discuss the signs of termite activity, info on how to prevent them, and advice on how we can control them! Read on to learn how you can be termite-free in Florida.

Common Signs of Termites

There are 5 common signs that signal termite activity:

  1. Swarmers, which are winged termites, emerge in large groups this time of year.
  2. Often the first visible sign of termites, wings are shed by swarmers and left in piles.
  3. Besides swarmers, subterranean termite mud tubes are the most common sign.
  4. Damaged wood from termite activity can be rotten, blistering, and hollow-sounding.
  5. Often confused with sawdust, termite droppings (frass) are wood-colored.

How to Keep Termites Away

There are a few ways to prevent termites:

  • Keep firewood and any mulch at a distance from the foundation of your home.
  • Always remove excess wood from your property, including construction lumber, fallen trees, and stumps.
  • Be proactive about avoiding moisture-damaged wood by promptly repairing leaky faucets and poor drainage problems.
  • Ensure you have a continuous termite monitoring, baiting, or protection plan in place from your termite exterminators!

Long-Term Termite Control

If you want to keep termites away for good, it’s important to team up with the termite exterminators here at Heron. Our goal is to make sure our customers are well-informed on their options to protect their property from termites. If you’re unsure what termite treatment method works best for you and your family, we’ll be happy to customize a termite treatment plan suited to the unique needs of your property!

It’s Termite Awareness Week! in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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