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Is Your Home an Open Invitation for Bugs? 12 Simple Pest Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know

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It’s summer time and they’re out to play! Yeah you guessed it, bugs, bugs & more bugs! Bugs & pests in Central Florida are here to stay. They’re looking for three things food, water & shelter…sound familiar? Yup, the exact same things we humans need to survive. This is why your home is a perfect target for bugs & pests to call home.

While a pest control professional is the best guarantee to rid your home of these creepy crawlers, there are some easy steps homeowners can take to help:

1. Your countertops are a delectable 7 course meal to bugs & pests. Avoid leaving food on your countertops. Seal as much of your food as possible in air tight storage containers…especially fruit! Because bugs can get into the most tightly sealed packaging, consider storing many of your dried goods like pasta, cereal, sugar, flour etc in containers.

2. Wash those dishes! Leaving dishes in the sink to soak or wash later is an open invitation to bugs & pests!

3. Drips! The little ones may do a great job pouring their own syrup or honey. You cheer them on and put the bottle away in the pantry. However, drips down the rim & side of the jar are bug magnets. Be sure to wipe bottles clean after use including honey, syrup, oil peanut butter, etc.

4. Be neat where you eat! It’s inevitable…even the most well mannered eaters drop crumbs. Limit the areas that you eat to the kitchen/dining room. Eating in bedrooms, living rooms etc. exposes the whole house to crumbs, which bugs love!

5. Check for leaks & moisture under sinks & drains frequently. This is a common water source for bugs & pests.

6. Bugs & pests are always looking for a way in to your home from outside. Check windows & screens for holes. Caulk & seal any perimeter areas on the exterior of your home that need it. Place screens on anything connecting the outside to the inside including dryer vents.

7. Properly seal windows & doors. If you see daylight coming through sides, top or bottom of the door, the door may be closed… but is wide open for bugs & pests.

8. Fido’s food bowl…an open buffet! Avoid leaving pet food in the bowl around the clock. Bugs aren’t picky eaters…pet food, people food, it’s all the same. Limit pet feeding times & wash out the pet bowl after each use.

9. Rinse before recycling! Rinse out plastic, glass & metal containers that are being recycled.

10. Is your trash clean? Probably not, but be sure to rinse out garbage cans once a month. A scrub brush & a garden hose do the trick well! Also, always keep lids on your trash cans.

11. Do you have a bird bath or a bug bath? Standing dirty water is a bug haven. Clean out your bird baths often. Even children’s toys in the lawn can fill up with water attracting bugs.

12. Trim bushes, trees, shrubs & flower beds that touch your home. Bugs love foliage & foliage is a bridge to your home. Trimming regularly reduces the risk of infestations.

If you have any questions or would like to have a pest control professional eliminate your home of bugs & pests guaranteed Call 1-800-81-HERON for a free inspection. If you have any questions or would like Heron to write on a specific topic please email your question or topic to: Hope these tips help!

Is Your Home an Open Invitation for Bugs? 12 Simple Pest Prevention Tips Everyone Should Know in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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