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Identifying Common Florida Mosquitoes

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Florida is home to many factors, which to our detriment allow mosquitoes to thrive immensely. The state features a climate that matches their ideal conditions so mosquitoes can be around for almost the entire year. You should be aware of the different types of local mosquitoes in your area and what problems they can cause you.

The Mosquitoes

A common mosquito to be found in the United States is the Psorophora ciliate, which is also known as the gallinipper. They are rather aggressive to both humans and other animals and unfortunately their bites are very painful. Gallinippers are quite large when compared to other species of mosquito and they have the potential to carry pathogens such as West Nile Virus. Luckily for us, however, gallinipper mosquitoes haven’t been shown to have a large effect on the spreading of such illnesses so the concern is minimal.

Another mosquito to be found in Florida is Aedes albopictus, which is better known as the tiger mosquito due to its stripped body and legs. Though it is substantially smaller than the gallinipper with a less painful bite, tiger mosquitoes still pose a threat to people. This invasive mosquito has the potential to infect humans with many viruses such as yellow fever, Zika, and dengue fever.

When is Mosquito Season?

Florida has a warm climate which allows for mosquitoes to last for almost the entirety of a calendar year. Winter months can still be warm enough to support mosquitoes, which is problematic for the people in the region. As long as the temperature stays above 50 degrees, mosquitoes could potentially stick around all year long. Florida also has immense rainfall during the summer, which makes it ideal for them to lay their larvae, which are aquatic.

Staying Safe from Mosquitoes

If you have mosquito problems on your property, it can make things very troubling and even prevent you from wanting to enjoy the outdoors. At Heron Home & Outdoor, we seek to assist you with pest control issues, and our mosquito control services can help eliminate potential breeding grounds while maintaining the adult population as well. Contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

Identifying Common Florida Mosquitoes in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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