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How Weather Affects Orlando Pest Control

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Hot Summers for Orlando Pest Control

The weather throughout Florida can be notoriously fickle. Although known for the brightest, hottest summers, the sunshine state also takes its share of inclement storms when hurricanes like Hermine make their way through the Gulf of Mexico. Add to that the brief, uneventful winters, the high index humidity, and the large bodies of water along our beaches, swamplands, and rivers. The result is a fertile garden home ideal for ants, mosquitoes, roaches, and beetles. If time spent with Orlando lawn service has left you feeling as though the tiny visitors invading your yard are enjoying the sun and surf as much as you are,  you may not be totally wrong. However, there is a benefit to your warm, waterlogged home, and proper pest control in Orlando can help keep the perennial insect season to a minimum. The best-prepared homeowners keep a year-round control of their lawn and house with adapting needs to fluctuating weather and constant demand.       

An Ineffective Orlando Winter

Normally, as temperatures drop, insects enter into a frozen hibernation like a period while they wait for warmer weather. Insects are cold-blooded, requiring a regular heat source to hatch their eggs and raise healthy larvae. Unfortunately, these resting winter bugs prefer the south for the same reason you do: the winters are mild, mild, mild. Most insects can safely store their eggs at well below freezing temperatures, and begin to wake for Spring by around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above. The average minimal temperature in Orlando during winter months is rarely as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit, meaning professional Orlando pest control a year round job with the briefest of winter vacations. Even when the temperature does drop, your house becomes a warm glowing safe spot or neighbor pests to wait out the winter weeks.

An Ideal  Orlando Summer

Insects are unaffected by the humidity and have adapted countless ways to stay cool during intense heat. Flying insects like bees will flap their wings to produce a cooling effect for the hive, and ants will remain deep underground to remain comfortable when temperatures reach triple digits. Unfortunately, between 50 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit, standard temperatures for Florida throughout most the year, mosquitos and ants are most likely to prosper and begin invading your home and yard. Pest control in Orlando requires regular attention and routine visits to meet the demands of a constantly growing insect population. However, do not despair. Experts in your area are well adept at managing these common infestations, and insect populations are easily controlled when handled correctly.

An Expected Orlando Rainfall

Heavy rain storms carry their shares of pros and cons in regards to Orlando lawn service and pest control. Excess water in the ground will destroy eggs and worm larvae, but the resulting puddles and damp are ideal breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Even the smallest remainder of stagnant water will easily host countless eggs and quickly lead to an unwanted swarm of pesky mosquitos. With growing concerns about the spread of Zika virus, it is crucially necessary to avoid any standing water on your property and use pest treatment service to quickly kill any eggs.   High levels of sun and rain will provide the type of lush greenery in your yard for which Florida is famous, but the heavy foliage is also ideal coverage for ants and other crawlers. Even as the ground is becoming oversaturated with floods and storms, insects forced from their homes will often invade your dryer cleaner habitat to escape the rain.

Expert Orlando Pest Control

Since the 16th century, early explorers have recognized Florida for the bountiful, thriving garden that it is. An atmosphere that is rich in moisture and bathed in the constant sunshine will always be brimming with life. However, you would probably prefer if your beautiful garden home were not filled with quite so much life as all that. Regular visits for pest control in Orlando can prevent unwanted invaders even in the worst weather. In fact, spraying for pest treatment during rainy weather can be ideal. Displaced insects usually hidden underground will surface and become easier to eradicate while their nests and larvae are washed away. While the warm and moist atmosphere of Orlando and all of Florida can be a fertile paradise for roaches, spiders, and ants alike, competent and professional service can keep all sorts of unwanted visitors at bay. Though the weather can be harrowing  at times, a thorough understanding of the environment and the best practices for treating it can keep your home safe, comfortable, and happy.   

How Weather Affects Orlando Pest Control in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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