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How to Tell If You Have Termites in Your Home

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Despite their small size, termites cause billions of dollars in damage to buildings worldwide. They love humidity and warmth, so it is not surprising that Florida is home to several species of the destructive insects. One of the reasons that termites are so dangerous is that it is hard to detect them until a good amount of damage has been done. Even the best professional inspections can fail to find termites on the first check. Frequently, homeowners do not discover termites until several thousands of dollars’ worth of damage has been done. In the following live colony of termites video we show you what termites look like and what to look for  in your home. 


To minimize damage and costs, it is important to always keep an eye out for these tell-tale signs that termites are in your home.

3 Signs of a Termite Infestation

1. Mud Tubes: These look like little mud tracks and termites use them to regulate temperature and moisture as they go to and from your house. They are essentially mud tunnel highways for the critters.

2. Decayed/Damaged Wood: If you knock on any wooden surface, like the floor or a wall, does it sound hollow or dead? If so, termites may have chewed away at it. As a result, the wood can also appear cracked or have bubbles.

3. Insect Wings on the ground: These are indicators that there have been swarmers in or around your house. Swarmers are termites which are responsible for starting colonies in new places because they are the only type of termite which can fly. They look a lot like flying ants, but with noticeable differences in body shape and wing size.

If you saw one or more of these signs but aren’t completely sure if you are reading them right, you should call a professional. It is vital to take care of the problem before the pests can seriously damage the structure of your house, because most insurance policies do not include termite damage.

Professional Termite Treatment

Heron Pest offers free same-day termite inspections if you think your home needs a checkup. We also offer the best termite prevention service in the business. In fact, it is so good that we will pay up to $1 million in damages within 10 years of our service if the termites come back. Call us today at 1.877.772.0826 to protect your home from termites for the next decade and use the coupon on our website for $100 off treatment.

How to Tell If You Have Termites in Your Home in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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