How to Prevent Summer Lawn Pests

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Grub found in Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorMany of us have put hours and hours of hard work into the beautification of our yards, only to have them ruined by pest outbreaks. The combination of spring’s moisture and rising temperatures allows for all sorts of pests to inhabit our lawns and ruin our grass. We have years of experience servicing homes in Central FL and have developed a holistic understanding of the pest problems that plague Florida homeowners’ lawns.

Common Lawn Pests in Central FL

Most kinds of common lawn pests will live just under the surface of the soil, making it hard to be conscious of an ongoing infestation. Here are some bugs to look out for in your yard this summer:

  1. Grubs: Otherwise known as beetle larvae, grubs are laid in the soil toward the end of summer. After a dormant winter, they return in spring to eat grassroots, growing into their adult stages and reigniting the reproductive cycle. They are quite destructive, so it is crucial to get rid of grubs before they renew their stay on your lawn.
  2. Sod webworms: These so-called “worms” are actually a certain kind of moth larvae. They live on the surface of the lawn, eating grass stems until they mature into adults. If you’re seeing more birds poking around at your lawn than usual, it could mean you have an active sod webworm population.
  3. Chinch bugs: These insects are more likely to appear in lawns that haven’t been kept in top condition. They live at the surface of the lawn as well, draining blades of grass for their sap. If you notice your lawn turning a unique purple-tinged yellow before browning in decay, it indicates that chinch bugs are present.

How to Better Protect Your Lawn

Lawn pests can be hard to notice until they’ve already done serious damage to your lawn. Many kinds of lawn-dwelling insects will feed on the roots until blotches of yellow-brown grass start to pop up across your yard. Once it gets to this point, it can be hard to correct without the help of professional lawn care services. That being said, here are some ways that you can keep your lawn healthy and pest-free* on your own:

  • Mow regularly. Once every 5 days to a week should suffice.
  • Properly irrigate. Both overwatering and underwatering your lawn can result in prime conditions for different types of pests.
  • Appropriately fertilize. Different climates call for various methods of fertilization, but nitrogen-based fertilizers are the most versatile and effective approach, generally.

Professional Lawn Pest Prevention

In truth, the best way to prepare your lawn for a pest-free* summer is to leave the work to the professionals. At Heron Home & Outdoor, our lawn pest specialists can use a range of lawn care and pest prevention tactics to ensure that your yard stays green and lush all through the summer months. For a free estimate, contact us today!

How to Prevent Summer Lawn Pests in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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