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How Do Bugs Get into My Home?

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Summer is drawing to a close and with the change in seasons comes cooler weather. Unfortunately for us, bugs search for warmth in the colder months just as much as we do and this drives them into our homes. It is not uncommon to find a surge of pest activity in your home as it gets colder out, so it is important to know how they are getting in.

Windows – Over time your weather stripping begins to fail and wither away. This allows bugs an easy entrance into your home. They can also find ways in through small holes in the screens, so if you are opening your windows be sure to inspect the quality of the screens.

Doors – Doors are one of the easiest ways for pests to get into your home. This is mostly because they are opened so frequently, but also over time the seals wear down creating a point of ingress for bugs. If you can see light breaking through, then the seals are too damaged and need to be replaced.

Crawl Space – Most crawl spaces are equipped with screens, but if they get damaged, they become a doorway for bugs which can then use your crawlspace to sneak into the floors directly above.

Vents – All homes require proper ventilation, but this provides bugs with an easy way into your home. Your dryer vents and exhaust fans make it very easy for them to sneak in undetected.

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How Do Bugs Get into My Home? in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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