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Heron equips entire fleet with real-time Global Positions Systems

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Heron equips entire fleet with real-time Global Positions Systems

“This project was important to me for many reasons.” says Ryan Shilton, Heron Fleet Manager. “This fits squarely into other initiatives we’ve already had in place for a long time.”

What Ryan means is simply this – the ability to track every vehicle in a fleet as big as this one pays huge dividends. First, managing idle time, speed, and unnecessary driving saves fuel, and not only makes us more environmentally responsible, it also helps manage our operating costs, which keeps the cost to our customers competitively in check.

Second, we are now watching arrival and departure times at customer’s homes. This leaves no room for misunderstanding when superior service is company policy. Every service vehicle is tracked to the second by three geosynchronized satellites that can pinpoint a truck anywhere on planet earth under any conditions. You may rest assured your service is being performed correctly. Big brother is watching closely!

Third, we are managing risk by slowing these vehicles down, watching for school zone behavior, after-hours use and travel outside of assigned areas. Every minute we eliminate in unnecessary use is a minute we reduce the risk of an accident to zero percent. The incentives here are obvious, and as responsible corporate citizens, you should expect nothing less from us.

In these recessionary times other companies are cutting back on important things, or going out of business altogether. We continue to invest in ways that elevate our position in this industry, never satisfied that our work here is done. Thank you for your support and thank you most especially for your many kind referrals.

Heron equips entire fleet with real-time Global Positions Systems in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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