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Florida: The Perfect Breeding Ground for Pests

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Your lawn is a major element of your home, and it deserves to be maintained properly. Unfortunately, Orlando Florida has some of the most perfect environmental conditions that allow unwanted lawn pests to thrive and potentially destroy your lawn and in some cases cause harm to you and your home.

The Drought

Due to the long periods of dry weather that Florida experiences for much of the year, your lawn becomes the ideal location for pests to thrive. Day after day of unrelenting sun with little moisture in sight results in your lawn becoming dry and damaged. The barrage of the sun coupled with the plants taking in as much moisture in the ground as they can leaves the soil to be incredibly dry. Soil in such condition is perfect for pests such as chinch bugs to thrive where they can then continue to assault your turf by eating away at the roots.

The Rainy Season

Antithetical to the drought, the rainy season provides Florida lawns with substantial downpours. While these heavy rains are great for your lawn’s health, the resulting puddles could prove to be quite problematic. As the rain saturates the soil, eventually it leaves nowhere for the additional water to go. When the additional water remains stagnant, it becomes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes to lay their eggs, paving the way for unwanted swarms of mosquitoes near your home as they colonize your lawn.

Keeping Your Lawn Healthy

You never want your lawn to become infested with pests and at Heron Home & Outdoor; we want to help you keep your lawn safe. We offer free same day inspections to ensure that your lawn is in tip top condition. Our experts can handle any pest problems that do arise quickly and efficiently. If you are concerned about the health of your lawn, contact us today for your free same-day inspection.

Florida: The Perfect Breeding Ground for Pests in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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