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Do you know which spiders are poisonous?

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Spiders are extremely helpful to our ecosystem and play a vital role in the food chain. They help keep their habitats insect and bug free while rarely making themselves known.  It is important, however, to be able to identify which spiders are harmful to you and which are beneficial. This diagram will help you determine which spider bites are non-harmful and which are dangerous.

Interesting Fact: Spiders can only consume liquids, as they lack chewing mouthparts. They use pointed appendages at the front of their bodies, to grasp prey and inject venom. Digestive juices break the food down into liquid, which can then be ingested by the spider.

If you see a spider that you are unable to identify, it is always best to check with a pest control professional.

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Do you know which spiders are poisonous? in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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