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Chinch Bugs

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Question: I have had several pest control companies in Orlando treat my grass over the years. My current company says they cannot be responsible for chinch bugs damage since they are resistant to pesticides. Are they kidding me?

Steve Says: It comes down to the pest control company and what products they are using to kill and prevent chinch bugs. The constant use of Synthetic Pyrethroids in low dose forms over the past 10 years by most Orlando pest control companies has made chinch bugs immune to this type of pesticide in Florida.

The newer neonicatinoids insecticides are working extremely well in killing and preventing chinch bugs. The problem for most Orlando pest control companies is that these products are extremely expensive. At Heron Lawn and Pest Control we only use these
products in our program for chinch bugs and lawn damaging insects. This allows us to keep providing a sod replacement guarantee to our customers. Request a quote from us and see what we can do for you.

Chinch Bugs in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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