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Bed Bug Facts vs. Fiction

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Bed bug facts vs fiction in Orlando and Central FL - Heron Home & OutdoorBed Bug Awareness Week is here, and the team at Heron Home & Outdoor are here to dispel common misconceptions about these pests. For decades, bed bug lore has made them out to be a feared pest. In reality, bed bugs pose the same threats as many pest problems. While they aren’t as destructive as termites or rodents, they can cause a lot of psychological stress.

Because bed bugs incite so much fear, it’s important to learn how to separate fact from fiction. Keep reading to learn the truth about bed bug myths!

Bed Bug Facts: Myth or Not?

There has been a lot of wrong information spread about bed bugs over the last few decades as the amount of infestations has gone up.

  1. Do bed bugs only feed at night?
    • No! Bed bugs are active when their hosts are at rest. This usually means overnight, but they are able to adjust their schedule as needed.
  2. Can bed bugs infest areas of your home other than your bedroom?
    • Bed bugs can infest anywhere–including chairs, sofas, cracks in the wall, and even power outlets. They prefer to congregate near where their hosts rest, making bedrooms the main target.
  3. Can you see bed bugs with the naked eye?
    • Although nymphs are nearly impossible to see, adult bed bugs are about the size of an apple seed and can absolutely be seen with your own eyes.
  4. Do you have to get rid of infested furniture?
    • No! In fact, you shouldn’t move infested furniture in the midst of an infestation. Doing so can contribute to bed bugs spreading into other areas.
  5. Can bed bugs transmit disease?
    • Thankfully, no. Bed bugs may cause you anxiety and even itchiness, but their bites do not transmit disease as mosquitoes do.
  6. Are bed bugs capable of living for months without feeding?
    • Yes, but it’s unlikely for them to live for a year unless they are in the most optimal conditions. Young bed bugs need to feed more often than adults.
  7. Are bed bugs more likely to infest messy homes?
    • This is one of the biggest myths. Anyone is prone to a bed bug problem, regardless of how clean or cluttered your property is!
  8. Can bed bugs fly or jump?
    • No! Unlike fleas and ticks, bed bugs have underdeveloped wings and are only capable of crawling.

Can You Get Rid of Bed Bugs on Your Own?

The short answer is “no”! Aside from the fact that bed bugs are becoming increasingly resistant, eliminating every single adult bed bug, egg, and larva in your property is a very daunting task. Be that as it may, bed bug removal professionals like the experts at Heron have the necessary training and tools to tackle it. Contact our team today to learn how we can help keep you bed bug-free.

Bed Bug Facts vs. Fiction in Orlando FL and surrounding counties

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